The glass (vase) is definitely half-full – in fact, it’s bottomless!

The glass (vase) is definitely half-full – in fact, it’s bottomless!

Life is seasonal and beautiful- like our flowers! Treat yourself or someone you love to beautiful, fresh, seasonal flowers delivered straight to your home or office, as frequently as you wish.

My Flower Subscription is an extremely popular gift  Fresh flowers are an affordable luxury, and when they’re delivered directly to your door on a regular basis, the sense of joy and nurture is sublime.

We all know the lift that fresh flowers give, and when the vase is bottomless, that lift is effortless. The arrangements are different each delivery as they are dictated by the local market and seasons; you’ll be surprised and delighted with each delivery. They come ready to go with no assembly required- you simply unwrap them and pop them into your vase.  They’re a fabulous way of treating someone you love- and don’t forget the person you should loved the most. Yes, go on, treat yourself!


The Flower Subscription is available weekly, fortnightly or monthly with no lock-in. Start when you like, for as long as you like.




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