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Amaranthus, collectively known as Amaranth, is a fabulous flower variety which can be found in abundance at this time of year (Australia December – April)

There are many different varieties but most commonly used in floral arrangments are Hanging (Amaranthus Caudatus) and Pygmy (Amaranthus Hypochondriacus).  With their bold colors and texture, they create a dramatic addition to flower arrangements and installations.


The variety pictured  here is Amaranthus Caudatus Rosary.  This picture was taken at Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France earlier in the year.

Here’s a few fun facts about these gorgeous blooms.

Common name

Country of Origin
South America

A tall growing annual herb with long drooping clusters of tiny flowers at the end of each stem.  Stems vary in lengths but are approximately 30 – 80cm
Available in green, burgundy-red, pink and purple.

Summer – Autumn

Vase Life Span
1 week

Care and Storage
*Remove any foliage from the stems as they yellow and damage
*Trim 2-3cm off each stem
*Place in cool water
*Store between 4 – 8°C
*Florets will not continue to open post harvest so ensure you choose flowers that have around ¾ of the flowers open.


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