Native Spring Flowers


Native Spring Flowers.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love a native bloom.  Their color, texture, design and robust disposition means they are not only beautiful, but long lasting as well.

Currently, they are enjoying a resurgence in popularity which is nice to see.  The days of daggy and dull native arrangements seem to be behind us as florists today are styling these jewels in fresh, modern arrangements that accentuate their beauty.  I’ve noted a number of contestants on the TV show ‘The Block’ not only decorating their rooms with vases of natives flowers but also choosing beautiful artworks with images of native flora and foliage.  I love it!

Many South African native flowers are mistaken for Australian.  It’s easy to see why.  Our climate is similar to that of South Africa and their indigenous plants grow very well here and vice versa.  The two also go beautifully together.  Who doesn’t love a majestic King Protea (South African) with a side of Grevillea and lashings of Eucalyptus foliage (Aussie)? There is a great online resource for anyone interested in knowing the ins and outs of native blooms and their origins.  Head over to  for extensive lists and images.

For those of you in Melbourne, if you’d like an amazing wildflower experience you really should check out Villa Floretti in Boneo on the Mornington Peninsula.  Here you’ll find five acres of stunning native blooms with a view of the ocean that is to die for.  Owner and operator Richelle hosts floral workshops regularly and they an experience like no other.  Foraging, posy making, cheese, Prosecco and plenty of laughs.  Check out her Instagram page @villa_floretti_flowers for workshop and contact details. You can read about this gorgeous here place in the ‘Love The Peninsula’ online publication.

There are many varieties of native flowers available all year round, but here is a short list of Native Spring Flowers that are readily available now;

Boronia, Berzelia, Flannel flower, Geraldton Wax Flower, Banksia (Giant Candles), Kangaroo Paws, Dryandra, Pearl flowers, Eriostemon, Leucadendron, Leucospermum (Pin Cushions), Thryptomene, Rice Flower, King Protea, Grevillea, Warratah.  Just to name a few!!

Don’t overlook these gorgeous blooms.  They will bring you long lasting beauty and joy.






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