Fresh Flowers – Yes, they’re good for you!

Fresh Flowers and Your Health


I don’t really need to remind anyone that the world is going through it right now, but it’s an absolute must to try and keep a positive mindset in these trying times. Did you know that fresh flowers have the ability to improve both your physical and mental health? You probably had a sneaking suspicion, why else would we gift each other bouquets in times of grief and hardship? There’s nothing quite like that feeling of receiving a bunch of beautiful blooms. But what exactly gives flowers and plants alike this magical power?


Research has shown that the presence of flora in your life has the ability to boost your mood long-term, lowering feelings of depression and anxiety. This has to do with a few things. The power of the colour spectrum is great, with different hues evoking different moods. Green, in particular, is calming to human eyes and conjures feelings of peace and tranquility. This is why having an abundance of plants in your home can create a feeling of comfortability. Not only that, but plants literally help you breathe easier, with popular indoor plants such as Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lilies and Spider Plants having exceptional  air purifying qualities. Some flowers have special extra little superpowers like that, for example, the smell of lavender can help you sleep and drinking chamomile tea can calm you down. Pretty miraculous.


It’s psychological! Flowers have the ability to trigger happy chemicals (serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin)  in your brain. Looking at a lovely bouquet or a field of wildflowers releases dopamine, because the brain actually links the colour and variety of flora with nutrition, triggering a reward response. Oxytocin, or the “bonding hormone” can be released when somebody gifts you with a fresh posy. Growing your own flowers and tending to your own garden can also foster a feeling of fulfilment and pride and boost happy hormones!


So what have you got to lose? Start filling your home and world with beautiful blooms and lush greenery and enjoy the good vibes!

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